Our Service:

Nangs Kings offers a 24-hour delivery service delivering nangs cream chargers, cream whippers and various cream whipper accessories. We deliver within a 40KM radius of Melbourne.

If you have any queries regarding your order, contact us through 0421 435 245


I agree that I am over the age of 18 and that the recipient of the goods is also over the age of 18. I agree that any products that are purchased from Nangs Kings will be used only in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. I acknowledge that Nangs Kings is not liable for any misuse of goods and that any evidence of misuse will result in Nangs Kings .biz terminating the sale and/or restricting future sales. I agree that Nangs Kings may ask to see proof of age before delivering goods and refusal to display valid photo identification will result in the transaction being cancelled. I agree that Nangs Kings may send Nangs Kings  related offers to my mobile number and email address.

Nangs Kings also reserves the right to cancel deliveries. In the case where a delivery has been canceled, and payment already has been made we will seek out the purchaser to refund the transaction value.

You must agree to these terms and conditions before placing an order with Nangs Kings.

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