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Nang kings

Fastest Mosa Nang Cream chargers for Nang kings in Melbourne. To you within 60 minutes. Fast reliable service. Perfect for all of your creaming needs!


Nangs kings – Nang Delivery

Mosa Cream Charger 50 Pack kings Melbourne

  • Electronically filled and weighed
  • Mosa Cream Chargers are ISO 9001, NSF/ANSI 18 certificated and German T-V-Mark certified
  • 100% Recyclable steel coated with rust-proof nickel for a stainless steel finish.
  • Whips up to 0.5 Litres in weight, and 1.5 Litres in volume of whipped cream, desserts, mousses and sauces.

Pair this Product with our EzyWhip Cream Whipper!

All products on this website available for Nangs kings within 30 minutes all over Melbourne.

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50 Chargers ($44), 100 Chargers(79$), 150 Chargers(114$), 200 Chargers(139$), 250 Chargers(170$), 300 Chargers(200$), 350 Chargers(230$), 400 Chargers(260$)


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